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Derusting of space frame

release time:2021-08-16

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1. Hand derusting: scraper, wire brush, grinding wheel etc. can be used. Hand derusting can remove rust & scale cinder on the member surface. But it has high labor intensity and low efficiency, the derusting quality can not be ensured.

2. Chemical derusting: acidic or alkaline solution can be used to chemically react with oil dirty, rust, scale cinder etc. on the member surface and dissolve them in the acidic or alkaline solution. But because of environmental protection, this way is forbidden.

3. Physical derusting: sand blasting and shot blasting are mainly included. Shot blasting is a method of using centrifugal force to accelerate the iron shot to project to the surface of steel member in order to remove the rust and scale cinder. This way is encouraged because of little pollution.

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