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With TL's erection methodology, the simple process can be done with local labor.

Element Erection Method & Block Erection Method

The popular erection methods for space structures are element method and block method. The element method is the erection wherein single-unit members are individually assembled. On the other hand, the block method is the erection wherein sub-assemblies, which are relatively large and called blocks, are initially assembled at the lower level near the ground. These elements and blocks are connected together at the designed position by a crane, using scaffold or temporary supports.

Lift-up Method

Lift-up method is the erection where in a roof structure is assembled at lower level and is lifted up to designed level. The assembled structure is normally lifted up by a number of oil jacks or winches that are settled on columns or temporary supports to take the reactions. This method requires a large number of studies, including computer simulations of the process, as well as the sliding method. Also, the accuracy of the structure and the proper control of the lift-up method are necessary. Reinforcement of the structure may be required in some cases. 


Move-scaffold Method

Move-scaffold method is the erection for roof structures using the moveable scaffold, which is normally equipped with a number of wheels and motors to travel on rails. This erection method can minimize the amount of scaffold effectively, especially for a large roof structure.

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