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Instruction of space frame rubber bearing

release time:2021-08-12

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Space frame rubber bearing is also called rubber tie-plate, which is made of several layers of 3mm steel plate and neoprene rubber through the process of vulcanizing in the condition of high temperature and high pressure. It plays a role in shock absorption by its local deformation, so it has high vertical stiffness and vertical bearing capacity. Space frame rubber bearing is applicable for the space frame structure with maximum vertical bearing capacity 4000KN.

space frame rubber bearing

How to select space frame rubber bearing?

1. flat pressure bearing is applicable for the space frame structures with short span. The angular displacement of this bearing is constrained, so oval bolt holes can be drilled on it, when the space frame overcomes the friction of the bearing, horizontal displacement can occur. To improve the sliding capability of bearing, rubber bearing can be added between the flat bearing and the steel transition plate.

2. the single-side curved pressure bearing can be used for space frame structures with short and medium span. The bearing can rotate along the curved surface to reduce the influence of deflection and temperature stress on the bearing.

3. the double-side curved pressure bearing is applicable for long-span space frame structures. Due to the complex of this type of bearing and high cost, it is rarely used in China except for some buildings with extra long span.

4. Rubber plate support is applicable for curved space frame structures with medium & long span. This type of bearing enables the bearing support to obtain sufficient bearing capacity without major compression deformation. Because the rubber pad has good elasticity and shear deformation, it can meet the requirement of support node rotating and adapt to temperature changes and horizontal dis placement caused by earthquake, and also improve the stress state of the lower support structure. Compared with other types of supports, this type of support is simple in structure and easy to install, while it can save steel.

space frame rubber bearing 

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