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3 Types of Space Frame

release time:2021-09-06

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Space frame is a simple spatial structure, which is light and rigid. It can bring us aesthetic roof appearance. Generally, there are 3 types of space frame.

1. Plane truss type

In this way, steel structure is divided into planes, which are overlapped or put diagonally to form a solid plan truss. This type of space frame is applicable for small area roof such as gas station canopy, shopping mall roof etc.

2. Square pyramid element type

In this way, square pyramid elements are put together to form the whole space frame structure. This type is applicable for both small & big area roof.

3. triangular pyramidelement type

Similar to square pyramid element type, the space frame consists of triangular pyramidelements. Because triangle is the most stable shape, triangular pyramid element is the most rigid structure, which is applicable for big area roof such as coal shed, bulk storage etc.

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