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The Development of the Space Frame Structure in China

release time:2021-02-01

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The development of the space frame structure in China, especially the bolted ball node space frame, originated in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. From the end of the 1980s to the middle of the 1990s, the space frame industry in Xuzhou was booming, almost took over most of the domestic space frame projects, and get into the international market later.

At the end of the 1970s, the engineers of steel structure of China Academy of Building Science Standard Design Institute have designed bolt-ball joint space frame and hollow welded ball joint space frame after research, nearly 80 kinds of different sizes and 3 kinds of load levels of space frame diagram, for users to choose.

With the further improvement of China's steel output, the country has put forward the policy of actively adopting steel structure in construction, and promoted steel structure as a new construction technology. China's steel structure industry has developed rapidly. In particular, after the State Administration of Quality, Technical Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the establishment of a national space frame and steel structure product quality supervision and inspection center in Xuzhou, it is not far away to create the glory of the hometown of Xuzhou space frame.

Xuzhou space frame has a high reputation both domestically and internationally. In addition to its reputation as the hometown of space frame, Xuzhou is also a production base for space frame accessories in the country. Therefore, with the support of the government, Xuzhou space frame and steel structure enterprises will get better and better.

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