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Types of Coal Storage

release time:2020-09-11

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There are 2 types of fully enclosed coal storage which are widely used both in China and world.

1. Fully enclosed longitudinal coal storage

The enclosed longitudinal coal storage is mainly composed of cantilever bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer, long-span truss or space frame structure and other related auxiliary facilities. The enclosed longitudinal coal storage is generally equipped with bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer. According to the operation mode of bucket wheel machine, It can be arranged as a fold-back or through-type bucket wheel coal storage. The enclosed longitudinal coal storage is the most widely used in China.


2. Fully enclosed dome coal storage

The circular coal storage is mainly composed of stacker- reclaimer, spherical crown steel space frame structure, coal storage civil structure and other related auxiliary facilities. A circular stacker-reclaimer is installed in the coal yard. The coal is fed from the top of the stacker -reclaimer. Through its rotating cantilever, it can be used for 3600 rotary coal stacking, and it can be used for 3600 rotation to take coal and send it to the cone shape at the bottom of the central column. In the coal bucket, coal is supplied to the outside through the coal feeder and the underground belt conveyor under the coal bucket.

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