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Mandula Longitudinal Coal Storage

project introduction

According to the wind conditions at the location of the project and the actual conditions of the coal yard, self-developed fully enclosed coal storage ventilation design is adopted, the four ventilation system of upper, middle, lower and ends is constructed to realize zero coal dust overflow while ventilation.

Advanced air curtain ventilation technology is adopted to completely solve the problems of dust explosion, toxic and harmful gas accumulation, occupational health and safety of operators, and high temperature in the warehouse, which may easily increase the risk of coal spontaneous combustion caused by poor ventilation due to the enclosed space of the fully enclosed coal yard.

Air curtain type ventilation belt can effectively prevent the formation of indoor dust clouds, reduce dust concentration, improve indoor working environment, and reduce the risk of dust explosion. At the same time, it is also conducive to the circulation of indoor airflow, the emission of toxic and harmful gases and flue gas, and meets the requirements of fire protection acceptance.

Using the idle roof space, a solar distributed photovoltaic power station of 1-3 megawatts can be built, which can generate 125 kWh to 3.75 million kWh per year for coal storage shed lighting and operating power, and excess grain can be connected to the Internet.

The rainwater collection system can be used to collect rainwater for micro-mist dust removal or plant greening in warehouses to realize recycling and create green energy-saving coal storage shed.

Longitudinal Space Frame Coal Storage Specification



 Structural Type

 Longitudinal Space Frame Structure
 Main Frame  Steel Pipe   Q235 / Q355 Steel   
 Bolt Ball  45# Steel 
 Sleeve  Q235&45#  
 High Strength Bolt  40Cr 
 Secondary Frame  C-Purlin / Z-Purlin  Q235 / Q345, 250g/m2 galvanized, no painting on the surface
 Enclosure System  Roof Panel  Color Steel Panel / Al-Mg-Mn Panel
 (The colors&sizes of all panels can be customized as required.)
 Accessory Structure  Door  Rolling Door / Sliding Door 
 Lighting System   FRP / PC / Window
 Ventilation System   Louver / Ventilator
 Drainage  Free Drainage / Galvanized Gutter / Stainless Gutter
 Others  Design Standard  American Standard / European Standard / Chinese Standard
 Design Lifetime  Above 50 years
 Fabrication  ISO Quality Control 
 Surface Treatment  Blast Cleaning Sa2.5 level, painting or galvanizing
 (The thickness can be customized as required.)
 Packing  Metal Frame for Large Components, Wooden Case or Metal Case for Small components.
 Or Bundling
 Installation   Installation Guide

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