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Longitudinal Coal Storage

project introduction

The dry space frame coal shed has several tens of years. According to the comparison of the technical and economic indicators of the built dry coal shed space frame structure, the cylindrical reticulated shell has obvious advantages and has become the main structural form of the dry coal shed space frame structure. Generally speaking, the main function of the dry coal shed is to cover the coal yard to prevent the coal from being drenched when it rains and polluting the environment when it is windy. It is an energy-saving and environmental protection project. The architectural function of the dry coal shed is mainly a large storage warehouse, so it must have a certain storage and operation space, that is, the structure must meet certain clearance requirements, and the cross section shape of its effective use space is trapezoid, the enveloping line of the working space is close to arc.

The length and width of the dry coal shed space frame structure are determined according to the needs of installed capacity, and the height of the structure is determined by the operation requirements of coal stacking and bucket wheel machines. Therefore, the characteristics of the dry coal shed structure are the large span, high height, and wide coverage area. The space frame structure is used to reduce the roof load-bearing capacity. Generally speaking, 40-65 kg of steel is used per square meter of projected area. With the development of power industry, the spherical space frame of dry coal sheds has been extensively constructed and studied. Due to environmental protection requirements and strict control of construction land, the method of coal piles must be replaced by closed storage methods, so the construction of dry coal sheds has been booming in many countries in recent years.

Longitudinal Space Frame Coal Storage Specification



 Structural Type

 Longitudinal Space Frame Structure
 Main Frame  Steel Pipe   Q235 / Q355 Steel   
 Bolt Ball  45# Steel 
 Sleeve  Q235&45#  
 High Strength Bolt  40Cr 
 Secondary Frame  C-Purlin / Z-Purlin  Q235 / Q345, 250g/m2 galvanized, no painting on the surface
 Enclosure System  Roof Panel  Color Steel Panel / Al-Mg-Mn Panel
 (The colors&sizes of all panels can be customized as required.)
 Accessory Structure  Door  Rolling Door / Sliding Door 
 Lighting System   FRP / PC / Window
 Ventilation System   Louver / Ventilator
 Drainage  Free Drainage
 Others  Design Standard  American Standard / European Standard / Chinese Standard
 Design Lifetime  Above 50 years
 Fabrication  ISO Quality Control 
 Surface Treatment  Blast Cleaning Sa2.5 level, painting or galvanizing
 (The thickness can be customized as required.)
 Packing  Metal Frame for Large Components, Wooden Case or Metal Case for Small Components.
 Or Bundling
 Installation   Installation Guide

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