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Advantages of space frame structure

release time:2021-08-09

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Space frame is a spatial structure formed by connecting multiple tubes through nodes in a certain grid form. It is widely used in stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadium stands awnings, hangars and other occasions. It has the following advantages.

1. Long span. Span up to 100 meters.

2. Standardized production. All space frame components are mass-produced in mill, so quality can be ensured easily.

3. Rigid. Due to the interaction between the members of the space frame, it has good integrity, high spatial rigidity and very stable structure.

4. Light weight. The space frame relies on the axial force of the tubes to transfer the load, and the material strength is fully utilized, which saves steel and reduces its own weight. A good space frame design, the amount of steel used is close to the steel content of the reinforced concrete structure under the same conditions, so that a large amount of concrete can be saved, and the self-weight can be reduced by 70-80%. Compared with ordinary steel structures, it can be Save 20-50% of steel.

5. Excellent seismic performance. Due to the light weight of the space frame, the seismic force generated during an earthquake is small. At the same time, the steel has good extensibility and can absorb a large amount of seismic energy. The space frame is so rigid that the structure is stable and will not collapse, so it has excellent seismic performance.

6. Maximum inner space. The regular steel structure height-span ratio is 1/5-1/10, while space frame is 1/14 – 1/20, so the height of building can be reduced.

7. Fast installation. Because all space frame components are fabricated in mill, so work in project site is less, and timeline is short.

8. The shapes of space frame are diverse and aesthetic. Almost all building can be designed in space frame, no matter the shape is regular or irregular.

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